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IRTrans WiFi


•  Case: Same size as the "normal" IRTrans units. Only 72x50x19 mm
•  ATMega256. 256K Atmel Microcontroller to control the IR functions of the device and control the IP stack
•  WiFi Module with integrated IP Stack and integrated Antenna
•  IEEE 802.11bgn WLAN Interface
•  Fully featured USB Interface for initial configuration and and full control of the device - even at the same time as WLAN
•  Available as an option: 2nd IR output (independently controllable)
•  Available as an option: Bidirectional RS232 interface
•  Infrared <–> IP Gateway: All Ethernet based IRTrans Modules can be used as an IR <–> IP Gateway. This allows to transfer IR Commands via all kinds of IP based networks. Of course that can be done without any additional systems or software.
•  IR Database: Optionally the LAN Module is available with integrated 128K IR Database for about 800-1200 commands. The database is filled with a selection of IR Commands using the PC software. These commands can then be sent using simple TCP or UDP commands.
•  Wake On LAN: With the Wake On LAN function a PC connected to the network can be woken up using a selectable IR Code. Of course that will only work with a PC and OS that supports Wake On LAN.
•  Firmware. All modules have got an integrated bootloader. This Bootloader allows later upgrades of the firmware of the modules using a small programm. When there are upgrades or bug fixes the firmware can be upgraded by the customer within a few minutes. Of course the WLAN and the IR Firmware are user upgradeable via the USB interface.
•  IP Functions The TCP/IP stack supports all important services.
- DHCP to assign IP Addresse
- Send IR Codes via HTTP Call (only with IRDB)
- Sending and Receiving of IR commands via TCP or UDP
- Send IR Codes via UDP ASCII String (only with IRDB)
•  Software. The IRTrans WLAN is supported by the IRTrans Windows / LINUX Software and by the iRed Software on the Mac. Device configuration is currently only supported using a Windows PC.
•  Assembly. The IRTrans are entirely build using modern SMD technology. This assures reliable operation and a very small footprint.
•  Certification. All IRTrans Modules are certified according to CE and FCC regulations and can be used worldwide.