Technical Information:

Device selection table

LAN Controller
LAN Controller XL
LAN Controller Multistream 16

Infared Codes

Software / Applications

Because of the flexible architecture the IRTrans can learn and send almost all IR Codes.
Therefore, don't worry if one of your devices is not mentioned in the list below.

In addition the IRTrans can use and send all codes for the Philips Pronto™ remotes.

IR Codes tested so far

• Sony IR in all variants
• Common IR (Yamaha, NEC, Denon, Akai and a lot more japanese devices.)
• Thomson
• Mitsubishi
• RC5 incl. full support for Toggle Bits
• RC6 incl. full support for Toggle Bits
• Different RC6 variants with non standard lengths
• Microsoft Mediacenter Remote
• Microsoft Mediacenter Keyboard / Trackpoint
• RECS80
• Diverse Infocus Remotes
• DBOX 1 & 2
• B&O™ (to receive the codes a special IRTrans (HF version) is needed)
• PACE STBs with IRDA Codes (only Sending is supported); IR database included
• Panasonic
• Pioneer
• Grundig

And many, many more. More than 99% of all IR Codes are supported.