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IRTrans LAN Controller Multistream 16

The IRTrans LAN Controller Multistream 16 consists of 16 indepdendent IRTrans devices that are controlled by a common LAN Interface.

That means all IR outputs can send different IR Codes at the same time. That way the IR Codes can be sent at the same time and in rapid succession. It takes only 65ms to send 16 different IR Codes of typical length to all 16 outputs. That is a big advantage if a larger number of IR Codes need to be sent to different devices of different make and model (e.g. for STB Testing or cable network monitoring). The 100MBit LAN Interface assures that all codes are processed by the device very fast.

Of course the same codes can also be sent to an arbitrary combination of IR outputs.
Furthermore the device supports IR Macros of up to 16 IR codes (depending on the lenght of the codes). These macros are sent independent of the other outputs with a precise predefined timing. These macros can be used for channel selection or other tasks where a reliable timing is needed.

This IRTrans device does not contain an IR receiver as that is no big advantage for a rack-mount system. To learn IR Codes an USB Learning device is available.

The 16 IR Outputs can be driven with 3 different output power levels. This assures precise control even of critical devices.

Of course the software and APIs have been extended so that these functions can all be used. Existing programs only need little changes to use the extended features of this device.

•  Case: 19" Rackmount Case, 1RU
•  16 ATMega. 632K Atmel Microcontrollers to control the IR functions of the device
•  Freescale MC9S12NE64. 64K Freescale LAN Microcontroller handling the TCP/IP stack
•  LAN Interface: 10/100 BaseT Ethernetinterface. (10/100MBit)
•  IR Database: The LAN Controller has an integrated 16 x 64K IR Database for about 1000-1500 commands. The database can be filled with a selection of IR Commands using the PC software. These commands can then be sent using simple TCP or UDP commands.
•  128KB Flashs memory for HTML pages: The LAN Controller XL has got additional memory for user web pages. These Web pages are then available through the integrated web server of the LAN Controller XL. That way remote controls can be implemented using HTML pages stored inside the device !
•  RS232 Interface: The LAN Controller XL contains a bidirectional RS232 interface. Via that interface IR Codes can be sent. Furthermore predefined data blocks can be sent via RS232 when certain IR Codes are received. In addition RS232 datablocks can be sent by IRTrans clients.
•  Real Time Clock + Timer: The modules include a NTP based real-time clock. With this clock 4 timers can be used to send IR codes at a user defined schedule. It is even possible to send IR Codes repeatedly at specific times. IR codes can e.g. be sent every morning or evening at a specific time. To use this function a NTP server must be reachable in the local network or internet.
•  Switching power supply Allowing a wide supply voltage of 8-16V DC.
•  16 IR Outputs . 16 Outputs for external IR LEDs (3,5mm plug). Each output can be controlled individually. This allows to control up to 16 similar devices from the same vendor. The outputs are independent and can send different IR codes at the same time. Sending of Macros is possible.
•  Firmware. All modules have got an integrated bootloader. This Bootloader allows later upgrades of the firmware of the modules using a small programm. When there are upgrades or bug fixes the firmware can be upgraded by the customer within a few minutes. Of course the LAN and the IR Firmware are user upgradeable
•  IP Functions The TCP/IP stack supports all important services.
- DHCP to assign IP Addresse
- Integrated Webserver for configuration purposes
- New: Send IR Codes via HTTP Call (only with IRDB)
- Sending and Receiving of IR commands via TCP or UDP
- New: Send IR Codes via UDP ASCII String (only with IRDB)
•  Software. The IRTrans Ethernet is supported by the IRTrans Windows / LINUX Software and by the iRed Software on the Mac.
•  Assembly. The IRTrans are entirely build using modern SMD technology. This assures reliable operation and a very small footprint.
•  Certification. All IRTrans Modules are certified according to CE and FCC regulations and can be used worldwide.