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IRTrans Translator

Normal IRTrans functions

•  Case: Same size as the "normal" IRTrans units. Only 72x50x15 mm.
•  ATMega64. 64K Atmel Microcontroller. The central "brain" of the IRTrans Translator has got enough space even for complex Firmware.
•  Basic functionallity: Is based on a standard IRTrans with USB interface & IRTrans serial bus.
•  IR Receivers: Support normal and High frequency signals (32-57kHz & 455 KHz, z.B. B&O™).
Both receivers are active.
•  Firmware. All modules have got an integrated bootloader. This Bootloader allows later upgrades of the firmware of the modules using a small programm. When there are upgrades or bug fixes the firmware can be upgraded by the customer within a few minutes.
•  Serial Bus. The serial Bus to interconnect Controllers is realized using resistors and diodes only. It includes protection diodes for the Microcontroller and a 8 pin Mini DIN connector. The Bus has only a ground and a Data line. The protocol of the serial bus including clock and collision detection is coded in the firmware of the Microcontroller.
It can be used with baudrates off 4,800, 9,600, 19,200 and 38,400 Baud. Depending on the conditions the length can be up to 50 - 80m. Only digital data is transmitted on the serial bus - that makes it very noise insensitive.
Each module has got an unique address and can be addressed indipendently.
•  Assembly. The IRTrans are entirely build using modern SMD technology. This assures reliable operation and a very small footprint.
•  Certification. All IRTrans Modules are certified according to CE and FCC regulations and can be used worldwide.

Infrared Translator

•  Translator: Translates IR commands from one system to another - stand alone without a PC.
•  Memory for IR Commands: 64K Flash memory. Enough to store 500-800 IR commands
•  Macros: One IR command can trigger up to 100 further commands with adjustable delay.
•  Groups: Buttons can trigger different commands depending on the current operation mode.
•  Configuration: PC Software (Windows) with graphical user interface allows to configure the IR Translation in a very comfortable way.

View of the PCB of the IRTrans Translator