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IRTrans LAN Controller Multistream 16

The IRTrans LAN Controller Multistream 16 consists of 16 indepdendent IRTrans devices that are controlled by a common LAN Interface.

That means all IR outputs can send different IR Codes at the same time. That way the IR Codes can be sent at the same time and in rapid succession. It takes only 65ms to send 16 different IR Codes of typical length to all 16 outputs. That is a big advantage if a larger number of IR Codes need to be sent to different devices of different make and model (e.g. for STB Testing or cable network monitoring). The 100MBit LAN Interface assures that all codes are processed by the device very fast.

This IRTrans device does not contain an IR receiver. To learn IR Codes an USB Learning device is available.

The 16 IR Outputs can be driven with 3 different output power levels. This assures precise control even of critical devices.

Of course the software and APIs have been extended so that these functions can all be used. Existing programs only need little changes to use the extended features of this device.

• 19" Rackmount case 1RU height
• Sends IR Codes - different codes to 16 outputs at the same time
• Ethernet Interface to connect to LANs
• Integrated webserver for device configuration
• 4MB flash memory for user web pages
• RS232 interface to control external devices
• Firmwareupdate via Ethernet (LAN & IR Controller)
• Connectors for 16 external IR Transmitters (3,5mm plug)
• Integrated 4MB Flash IR database

Please note that the power supply is an accessory that has to be ordered separatly.

Prices and order numbers

IRT-LANCONTROL-MS-16 IRTrans LAN Controller Multistream 16 1535,10 EUR Export price excl. VAT 1290,00 EUR
Can only be ordered together with a IRTrans Multistream-16 device
65,45 EUR Exportpreis excl. VAT 55,00 EUR


IRT-TRANS-1K External IR Transmitter 1-way with 3,5mm Phone plug 7,74 EUR Export price excl. VAT 6,50 EUR
IRT-TRANS-2K External IR Transmitter 2-way with 3,5mm Phone plug 16,66 EUR Export price excl. VAT 14,00 EUR
POW-SUPPlug-type switching power supply
(100-240V~, Euro-connector)
13,09 EURExport price excl. VAT 11,00 EUR
POW-SUP-INT International switching power supply
(100-240V~, 4 plug adaptors, EU,US,UK,AUS/NZ)
14,28 EUR Export price excl. VAT 12,00 EUR