- Control the PC via IR remote
- Switch the PC on via IR remote
- Control any A/V device via IR
- Displaymodule
- Learn and send IR Codes
- Extensive Software Support
- iRed Mac Software
- B&O™ Devices supported

IRTrans Translator

Transform your PC or Mac into a Mediaserver.
IRTrans connects your PC with your consumer electronics devices!


• Receiving IR Codes to control all applications on the PC
• IR Codes can be learned and sent again - control your A/V equipment with the PC!
• Using the PowerOn Option the PC can be switched on and off. - Not only from standby!
• IRTrans also sends IRDA Codes used by some Pace™ STBs
• The IRTrans LCD module allows to display informations from within PC applications

Special applications

The IRTrans Translator allows to control devices with different remote controls:
To achieve that received IR codes are translated to different IR codes to be sent.
This translation can be programmed freely by the user.
Control arbitrary devices with your B&O™ remote control!

• Of course that works without a running PC - to make that possible the IRTrans Translator has got 64K Flash.
• Programming of the translation table is done using an easy Windows Drag&Drop application.
• The device can receive 455kHz Codes (for B&O™ remotes) and "normal" codes at the same time
• The packet contains the device, complete software and a comprehensive manual.
• To use the device without a PC a small power supply with 8-16V= / 100mA is needed.

Supported Software

For the following multimedia applications drivers are supplied:
• Girder
• Meedio / Sceneo
• Different Mac applications via iRed
• myHTPC (using the WinLIRC plugin)
• Mediaportal (using the WinLIRC plugin)
• MisterHouse
• Homeseer
• Microsoft Media Center Edition

Furthermore the following standard interfaces are supported:
• LCDHype
• lcdproc
• xAP
• Active-X
• .NET

This list is constantly growing. You can find detailed infos on the application page.