- RS232 or USB Interface
- Mediacontroller with IR Database
- Stable und reliable
- CE and FCC certified
- Windows, Linux and Mac SW
- Integration in existing systems

IRTrans Mediacontroller

Modern multimedia systems are used more and more throughout all areas of our living. Especially in museums, exhibitions, trade fairs, events and concerts Audio/Video systems need to be controlled. A lot of professional devices have RS232 control interfaces, but due to the lower prices and modern technologies more and more consumer devices are used in professional environments.
These devices are only controllable with their native remote controls. IRTrans allows to control these devices using Media Control systems.

Usage scenearios

• Presentation rooms
• Videobeamer
• Stage control
• Radio- and Television stations

Technical Information

RS232 devices allow cable lengths of 20-30m (USB = 5m)
The serial bus allows to connect additional devices with up to 50-80m cable length.
9,600, 19,200 und 38,400 Baud for the RS232 interface
Devices for 455kHz IR Codes available (e.g. for B&O™)
The IRTrans Mediacontroller can be controlled via simple ASCII commands. Therefore it can be easily combined with existing Media Control systems. - Even if they are not running on a PC platform. That way sending and receiving of IR Commands is possible with any system with an RS232 interface.

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