- RS232 and USB devices
- Stable und reliable
- Inexpensive and extendable
- Windows and Linux Software

External IR Transmitter

IRTrans allows to automate nearly all test scenarios needed to develop and manufacture Audio/Video equipment. Especially production test procedures can be optimized easily.

A number of well-known producers auf consumer electronic products already use the IRTrans system.

Hardware Information

• In addition to USB devices RS232 devices are available. They can be connected using longer cables
• All IRTrans devices are certified according to CE and FCC regulations and can be used worldwide
• Due to their robust design the devices are very reliable and insensible against electrical disturbance
• Up to 16 devices (USB or RS232, also mixed) can be connected to each PC
• Each IRTrans module allows to connect external IR LEDs to control external devices selective
• The external and internal IR LEDs can be controlled independently via software
• On request there are IRTrans devices available that have an additional external LED instead of the internal ones
• That way each IRTrans can selectively control two devices. - One PC can therefore control up 32 devices

Software Information

The IRTrans Software is based on a TCP/IP Client/Server concept. The devices can be controlled via arbitrary LAN/WAN connections. Several clients can connect to the server at the same time.

Various software interfaces allow to easily integrate IRTrans in existing test systems:

• The IRTrans Batchclient allows to send arbitrary IR Codes using a simple programm call
• A DLL can be integrated into C programms
• The Active-X Plugin allows the integration in all systems, supporting Active-X
• The .NET Plugin supports integration in all .NET based systems

Sample code in C, C# and VB shows the communication with the system.