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On this page you find Programm- und Driver downloads for LINUX Systems.

LINUX Software

The .NET GUI Client also runs in a mono environment on a LINUX system.
The handling is indentical with the Windows version. The SW can be started via mono GUIClient.exe.
The GUI Client has been tested with mono version

New: The IRConfig Tool allows to configure the settings for all IRTrans Devices on a LINUX system.
To use it a JAVA JRE with a version 1.6 is needed. The tool is started by starting the script

New: The irserver contains an integrated plugin to control XBMC!
IRTrans LINUX Software incl. x64 Software
Complete Package incl. installer ( and
.NET GUI Client
Version: 24.05.19 6.10.23 Download  
IRTrans IRConfig
Configuration Tool for all IRTrans devices.

Needs Java JRE version min. 1.6
Version: 27.06.12
IRTrans Server Version: 24.05.19 6.10.23 Download  
IRTrans ASCII Client Version: 24.05.19 6.01.16 Download  
IRTrans lcdproc Treiber Version: 06.11.05 Download  
IRTrans API Shared lib Version: 21.05.09 Download  
Already included in LINUX Kernel versions >= 2.4.25 / 2.6.05
Version: 21.04.04

Remark for usage on x64 Systems:
When using the IRTrans Server SW on x64 Systems the irserver detects that it is running on a 64 Bit machine and automatically loads the correct binary. Therefore the irserver can be started directly on all systems.