IRtrans USB fails sending RC5 IR codes

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IRtrans USB fails sending RC5 IR codes

Postby wawa79 » Sat 10. Nov 2012, 22:52


I have been using my IRtrans USB with no problems for years. It is connected to a PC for home automation. I have recently tried to learn some RC5 IR codes that seem to crash IRtrans (device unable to send/receive IR)
I wonder if a firmware upgrade would solve the issue as I am running an "old" hardware over a "recent" software:

IRServer Version 6.08.37
[ 0]: IRTrans USB U5.04.46 SN: 24162

Thank you in advance for your support
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Re: IRtrans USB fails sending RC5 IR codes

Postby IRTrans » Sun 11. Nov 2012, 00:49

any IRTrans FW since 2003 will be able to learn RC5 codes.

Could you post the file you have learned?

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