64 bit code support?

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64 bit code support?

Postby michaellee » Mon 7. Sep 2009, 22:40

I couldn't find any information in the literature, but does IRTrans support long infrared codes, specifically 64 bit codes? Would buffer size limit capturing of long codes? I hope not.

I will look around some more, but I would like to know this before I order a module.
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Re: 64 bit code support?

Postby IRTrans » Mon 7. Sep 2009, 23:22

The IRTrans device stores IR Codes in a compressed format where timing and IR code information is separated.

In addition the codes will be automatically packed in case they are too long. That means the max. codelength is up to 350 Bits.
That is enough for even the longest codes (used for example by Air Conditioners).

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