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power on/off problem

PostPosted: Thu 29. Apr 2010, 10:28
by spike

I have an origenAE S14V works on windows 7 mediacenter. All is ok,
I want to switch on and off my pc with the remote.

I try to do what origen ae recommand to do for that, here : ... =31&page=0

but, I have a problem with the first point, when i Right click on the irtrans logo in the system tray, and when i click "learn", on the windows which open named "learn IR Trans code", i couldn't write "SKPOWER" or click "open/create command", in fact, all is gray on this windows except cancel learn and at the bottom line it's write "waiting for server".

could you help me ?
the power on/off is the only things that don't work.


(sorry for my poor english, i'm french).