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Inteference with IRTRANS ?

PostPosted: Fri 20. Jun 2008, 18:53
by Rups0911
I'm using Vista MCE 32bit with SP1. When in MCE I have noticed that the IRTRANS icon in the task bar keeps flashing red/yellow as if the remote control is being continually used. This is a problem because it make control of MCE with the remote sluggish/difficult.
If I exit MCE the icon stops flashing. So something in MCE is causing the inteference.
I'm using IRTRANS USB.

Any ideas ? Thanks.

Re: Inteference with IRTRANS ?

PostPosted: Sat 21. Jun 2008, 21:48
by IRTrans
I would rather think that this is a problem of IR noise emitted by your TFT or Plasma Display.

What IRTrans device are you exactly using ?

What Display are you using ?

Does the problem disapear if you switch of the display ?


Re: Inteference with IRTRANS ?

PostPosted: Thu 17. Jul 2008, 00:13
by w_m_a
I have exactly similar problem. I noticed that the icon in the status bar keeps on blinking even though I am not using the remote.
I have a Panasonic plasma and my HTPC sits just below the TV. I am using Origen AE X11 case with VF110 device from IRtrans.
I noticed that if I stand really close to the Case, the icon stops blinking and the deteced IR commands window stops spooling values. More surprisingly, if I have some window open instead of just the desktop, the icon stops blinking as well, yes its true! But when I launch MCE the problem reappears.

My htpc configuration, which might be helpful -
CPU - Athlon X2 5200
M/B - Asus M3N-H/HDMI (using nVidia drivers and ASUS Cool 'n Quiet software)
O/S - Vista Home Premium SP1
TV - DviCO Dual Express DVBT TV tuner Card (using Vista MCE drivers)

My question -
Is there any fix for this? Moving the HTPC away from the TV is not an option and I do not want to return the case because of this stupid IR device!

Yes I am frustrated..

Thanks a lot..

Re: Inteference with IRTRANS ?

PostPosted: Thu 17. Jul 2008, 11:02
by IRTrans
I am sorry but we cannot help you with that. It is a problem caused by the IR Receivers OrigenAE uses for the devices.

Please remeber that we do not manufacture these OEM devices, therefore we cannot help you at all with Hardware problems.


Re: Inteference with IRTRANS ?

PostPosted: Wed 27. Aug 2008, 23:53
by phowarth
This is a problem that took me a long time to fix with my setup.

In my case I have a POE IRTRANS unit set up as a receiver in my bedroom mounted right below a 46" Samsung LCD display. I then have POE unit set up as a transmitter in my basement where the Cable Box, XBOX, and Media Player are located.

In the web interface of the receiver I have the "IR Receive" box checked and the "IR Transmit" box unchecked.

After months of pulling out my hair I discovered that my receive unit is still transmitting even though I have the "IR Transmit" box unchecked. This was causing a lot of IR interference and looping due to the reflection of signals around the room from mirrors, windows etc.

To fix the problem I put black tape over the IR transmitters and it immediately stopped 90% of my problems.

I was then only dealing with the "true" interference from the LCD panel. To fix this part I took a lens from my 3 year old's sunglasses and taped it over the IRTRANS receiver with Clear Scotch Tape. You can also just try putting the Scotch tape by itself over the IR Receiver, but in my case I needed a stronger filter.

I now have a 99% fix and I am pretty happy with it, however the "sunglass" filter means I have to aim the remote control exactly at the IRTRANS receiver.

I have been meaning to post to the forum to find out why unchecking the "IR Transmit" box does not disable the IR transmitters.

Any thoughts?


LAN Version L1.06.20
IR Version E5.09.01
Uptime 001D 14:29:27

Re: Inteference with IRTRANS ?

PostPosted: Thu 28. Aug 2008, 19:17
by IRTrans
Hi Paul,
so far I did not here that these options do not work. In our testing that also works correctly.
Could you please send us a screenshot of the Device Settings of the GUI Client of that device ?

On which unit did you disable IR Sending ?


Re: Inteference with IRTRANS ?

PostPosted: Fri 29. Aug 2008, 01:43
by phowarth
As requested here is the screen capture of the IRTRANS Ethernet POE IR Configuration Page (no DB).



irtrans rcv capture.jpg
irtrans rcv capture.jpg (41.27 KiB) Viewed 58997 times

Re: Inteference with IRTRANS ?

PostPosted: Fri 29. Aug 2008, 16:20
by IRTrans
Hmm, and you are sure that this device (the one where you made the screenshot) did send any IR Codes (Red blinking status LED) ?

It would be interesting to see the Firmware versions.


Re: Inteference with IRTRANS ?

PostPosted: Sun 2. Nov 2008, 13:59
by Mulvaney
I'm not sure if this is relevant in your case, but energy saving light bulbs can cause interference to IR signals. Do you still get interference with the lights off?


Re: Inteference with IRTRANS ?

PostPosted: Thu 8. Oct 2009, 01:04
by Ghoop
I have a customer who has been using IRTrans beneath a Samsung Plasma for the past three years but suddenly it failed with the IR receive led hard on. I replaced the IRTrans only to have the replacement unit behave the same way. I then determined that the Plasma was radiating considerable IR interference and I had to put black tape over another IRTrans receive LED to block the interference so that the blaster could still function. Having now tested the original two units away from the customer site I find them both to be faulty with green LED hard the questions are?
1. Any idea why the Plasma would suddenly increase the level of IR radiation? and
2. Is it possible that the radiation level is high enough to cause failure in the IRTrans?

It seems unlikely that both IRTrans would fail in the same way without some sort of external intervention.