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Future software releases

PostPosted: Mon 13. Apr 2009, 23:52
by mfinney

I posted the text below in another thread, however, I thought I'd as a general question about future software development work and whether you could start a thread which reports on planned software releases in terms of new functionality and bug fixes? Also, do you know if any of the functionality I talk of below is planned?

I recently purchased a HTPC case which came with one of your IR modules which works very well when it comes to controlling media centre. However, itegration with the VFD display which also came with my case appears limited. Are there any plans to improve VFD integration?

Also, are there any plans to allow control of other media players like MediaMonkey et al directly within apps.cfg? I'm aware that the IR2Keyboard utility covers this gap, however I'd like to make better use of my VFD and would like to be able to control my media player through this without switching on my TV screen, hence the initial query about better VFD integration?

Re: Future software releases

PostPosted: Tue 14. Apr 2009, 10:55
by IRTrans
All extensions of the current SW needs to be done through the manufacturer of these devices.

We do neither sell nor manufacture them. We developed the software as specified by OrigenAE - everything else needs to be done by OrigenAE.