RC6 code semantics in rem-files

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RC6 code semantics in rem-files

Postby Barf » Mon 11. Aug 2008, 13:48


I am trying to create a rem-file for a RC6-controlled device (Marantz iPod dock IS201 to be exact). From Marantz' site I have a document listing the commands with their RC-6 codes. For example, Play/Pause has the code "14 53 01". Question is now, how do I write the rem-file from this (as "pure" RC6). Differently put, what is the exact semantics of the data string in RC6-mode? (Yes, I have RTFM, but it is not very complete, is it?)
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Re: RC6 code semantics in rem-files

Postby IRTrans » Mon 11. Aug 2008, 14:33

as the RC6 format in the IRTrans .rem files was made to store learned codes we do not have documentation regarding the usage of the internal bytes.

However, they should reflect the bytes of the RC6 data plus a bit of start and toggle bits in the beginning.

Attached you find a few sample files with RC6 data - the names of the codes are the associated RC6 Device / Command codes.

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