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PostPosted: Tue 29. Mar 2011, 18:57
by Alang

use IRtrans Ethernet with dB. I made the learning of the orders of a projector Epson TW 5500.
When I send order with the irTrans (for example down) the order is carried out twice.
I started again of multiple time the learning but the result is always identical.
After research of the informtation the code IR used is:
code IR : NEC format 1
Fréquency : 38 Khz
Custom code : 8355 (h)
command Down : B2 (h)

IrTrans ethernet :
LAN Version L1.09.20
IR Version E6.06.20

How to translate this information for the IRTRANS?
In advance thank you for your information.

Re: Epson

PostPosted: Tue 29. Mar 2011, 21:10
by IRTrans
direct translation of commands is very complicated.

Normally learning of IR Codes is no problem. Please take care to press the button only very short when learning.

You can also post the .rem file you have learned - then we can check why the code is sent twice.


Re: Epson

PostPosted: Sun 3. Apr 2011, 18:42
by Alang

Thank you for your answer.
I carried out a new learning while pressing very brèvement on the Up key.
I carried out this test 2 times:
the first time very briefly
the second time by keeping the pressed key a little longer

These two codes (UP and UP2) make go up of 2 lines in the menus (file: EpsonTst.rem)

After research on remote central I found a code in format NEC 1 (File: TestEpson.rem)
With this code operation is normal (UP3):
this code makes go up of only one line

That will solve my problem for Epson but the training poses a problem.
After test it proves that it is not on the level of the generated code that the problem is but at the level of the generated timing.

How to make reliable the generation of IR?


Re: Epson

PostPosted: Sun 3. Apr 2011, 20:50
by IRTrans
Hmm, the timing in the file does not look like the button was briefly pressed.

The code was repeated 6 times when learning.

Please note that the timing is learned with the first IR code of a file. It is therefore important to make sure that the first code is learned correctly.

Anyways, you can easily change the code: The value behind [RC] shows the repeat count. Simply change it from 6 to 1 and everything will be fine.