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irtrans repeat double the commands

PostPosted: Thu 1. Jan 2015, 14:53
by grunjo

I have a irtrans LAN (with database).
I use it to control my homecinema via iPAD or Android phone.
I also use "Self repeat" to hide some of my equipments.

Problem for TV (for exemple) is that IR received from remotes provoque a second IR from irTrans. :oops:

Is their a way to keep "Self repeat" mode and avoid specific IR codes to be repeated ?
ie : i need to have some IR repeated, and some IR not repeated.

many thanks by advance for reply.

Re: irtrans repeat double the commands

PostPosted: Mon 5. Jan 2015, 10:10
by eric

there is no way to repeat only specific commands. However you can disable either the internal or the external transmitters for the repeat functionality. Maybe you can sort out your problem this way?

best regards,


Re: irtrans repeat double the commands

PostPosted: Thu 8. Jan 2015, 19:09
by Barf
How about a low-tech solution: Attach a polarized filter in front of the IrTrans. On the devices that are not to react on the IrTrans, attach another polarized filter, polarized in the orthogonal direction. That way, all devices will see your handheld device's IR, but the ones with filter will not see the IrTrans.

Polarized filter can be "bought" at you local 3D movie theatre, you get a film included in the price... ;)