GUIClient stop responding when lean repeat code

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GUIClient stop responding when lean repeat code

Postby simples » Mon 10. Oct 2011, 13:14

I'm trying to learn codes from Sony remote RM-ED010 with IRTrans LAN I/O v1.5. When I try to learn repeat code (exactly Volume +) GUIClient stop responding.
By the way, even in "Self repeat" mode when I hold Volume + / - volume changes too slowly and nonuniformly on the TV controlled via an external infrared LED. When I manually repeat pressing the Volume + / - the volume increases / decreases quickly and smoothly.
What can I do to use a continuous pressing?
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Re: GUIClient stop responding when lean repeat code

Postby IRTrans » Mon 10. Oct 2011, 22:46

that is often very difficult. As the IRTrans needs to do some processing when sending the codes repeating is always slower than with the original remote.

That especially applies to Self repeat - here the code needs to be received first and then sent again. While the device is sending it cannot receive. After the
code has been sent it will need to resynchronize with the IR code sent by the remote.

Please note that you have to press the remote button for a long time if you want to use the "Learn Repeat code" option. If the IR Timeout is too long the IRTrans will not be able to recognize and count the repeat codes. You might try a shorter IR timeout.

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