error opening com/usb port/lan device

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error opening com/usb port/lan device

Postby sambuddy » Tue 5. Oct 2010, 23:46

Hello All,
I have the irserver in my startup folder so it will automatically start when the pc powers on BUT, we the pc powers on, i get the following error dialog box.

"error opening com/usb port/lan device"

If i click on OK and then go to the startup menu and select it again, it starts ok.

The command line being run is this
"C:\Program Files\IRTrans\irtranstray.exe" -delay 20000;
The version of irtrans is

Any idea why it fails first time round?

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Re: error opening com/usb port/lan device

Postby IRTrans » Tue 5. Oct 2010, 23:49

the problem might be that the IP Stack on your PC is not running at the time the IRTrans SW is started.

Of course communication with the IRTrans device will not work until the IP stack is up and running.

You might try to increase the delay (20000ms = 20s).

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