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Cannot use irclient

PostPosted: Sat 15. May 2010, 19:03
by Pear

I'm using Kubuntu and I have problems using irclient.

IP adress of the PC :
IP adress of the transceiver :
Netmask :

Here is what I do :

poire@ubuntu:~/Téléchargements$ sudo ./irserver lan
IRServer Version 6.02.43
[ 0]: IRTrans LAN: IR VER: E6.04.40 ETH VER: L1.07.50 SN: 43950
MAC:00-22-3e-04-00-63 IP Addr:


***It seems here that the irserver is currently good running***


In an other window of the konsole, I do this :

poire@ubuntu:~/Téléchargements$ sudo ./irclient

IRTrans ASCII Client Version 6.01.01

1 - Send
2 - Learn
3 - Status

99 - Exit

Select command 2

**Selected Remote: []

1 - Select remote
2 - Learn Timing
3 - Learn Command [Based on timing]
4 - Learn Command [Command with timing]
5 - Learn Command [RAW Data]

99 - Exit

Select command 1

Enter Remote Name: Yamaha
This operation is only supported using the irserver


When I run the irserver using the loglevel 4 option, everything seems to say that it has no problem. So I don't understand why the irclient software wants me to run it...

I think it's pretty simple, but I don't get it !

Re: Cannot use irclient

PostPosted: Sat 15. May 2010, 19:18
by IRTrans
Well, the error message says it all.

You need to connect to the irserver to learn IR codes and not to the IRTrans device.
That means you need to start the irclient with

sudo ./irclient

Then it will work.

Please note that the ASCII client does not support all the options the device has.

You can also use the GUIClient.exe together with Mono. It is, of course, a lot more comfortable.


Re: Cannot use irclient

PostPosted: Sat 15. May 2010, 19:56
by Pear
Ho my god... Yes ! I should have thought about it. Thank you !

About GUIClient, when I do : sudo ./GUIClient.exe, here is what I get :

./GUIClient.exe: 1: MZ����@���: not found
./GUIClient.exe: 2: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

Notice that I get a similar thing with IRConfig. I have to say i'm a begginer on Linux, which is ,according to me, the source of this new problem.

Re: Cannot use irclient

PostPosted: Sat 15. May 2010, 22:15
by IRTrans
irconfig will not work on LINUX - it is of no use for you anyways.

You will need to have mono installed to use the GUIClient. Of course you have to be running X11 to use it.
The GUIClient.exe will then be started through mono (e.g. mono GuiClient.exe).