Configuring Frontview display

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Configuring Frontview display

Postby » Sun 12. Jul 2009, 15:57

I have installed a USB conversion for my Hitachi VFD in my D-Vine HTPC case. I am running Vista Home Premium. I have installed IRTrans and Frontview v3. I have copied the Frontview plugin from the IRTrans plugins folder to the Frontview plugins folder. My problem is that I am not able to configure the VFD display using Frontview. I have changed the initial VFD display using the instructions provided with the IRTrans USB kit so I assume that it working correctly.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Steve Schoneberg
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Re: Configuring Frontview display

Postby IRTrans » Sun 12. Jul 2009, 17:51

The IRTrans SW will not support any display not connected to the IRTrans device.

Ask the people making the USB Conversion for your display for driver & SW.

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Re: Configuring Frontview display

Postby dan_barber » Sun 4. Apr 2010, 21:35

When you say hitachi vfd do you mean variable frequency drives manufactured by hitachi or is there something else called vfd?
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