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Can't upgrade firmware?

PostPosted: Fri 8. May 2020, 21:22
by Pariah_Zero
I have an IRTrans Ethernet v2.2, and it has firmware E5.11.10

I haven't been able to find where I can upgrade the firmware (so I can use IRConfig, which requires firmware >=6.00.00).

I've looked at the documentation, I see in the Software Manual, section 5.1.4 (page 20) about upgrading the firmware.

I do not see this option (or tab) in the IRTrans GUI Client. When I click on Mode -> Device Status, there are no additional tabs.

Screenshot of Mode -> Device Status
IRTrans.png (71.86 KiB) Viewed 30680 times

I am running the IRTrans GUI Client via Linux & Mono.

So do I need to run the GUI client from a Windows machine? Or is there some other way I can upgrade my firmware?


Re: Can't upgrade firmware?

PostPosted: Sat 9. May 2020, 10:40
by Barf
IIRC, it is IrTrans' policy not to make firmware available for download, but only to mail it upon request (containing a reason for requesting the new firmware).

Try mailing .