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LAN I/O w RS232

PostPosted: Tue 10. Apr 2012, 10:21
by simples
Hello, we have: IRTrans LAN I/O w RS232 DB9 Serial Ports. We try to send rs232 command using "send" menu in the GUI client and have no activity on serial port. On the attached screenshot you can see the "device info" of our LAN I/O device. In the tab "RS232" we can select the baudrate only for AUX RS232 but "RS232 Baudrate" select box is grayed. what is wrong with our device? how can we send RS232 command through DB9 Serial Port?

Re: LAN I/O w RS232

PostPosted: Tue 10. Apr 2012, 16:56
by IRTrans
there is everything correct with your device - the RS232 port is an AUX RS232 port.

How did you enter the RS232 commands? Could you post your .rem file?

Please check your cabling. The IRTrans uses the same Pinout as a PC but on a female RS232 connector. To connect it to a PC you will need a cross cable.