- USB und RS232 Devices
- Ethernet / LAN Devices
- IRTrans LAN Controller/XL
- Very high IR Sending power
- Can even send IRDA Codes
- Learns almost all IR Codes
- Devices for B&O™ available
- No CPU load for the Host PC
- In up to 256 Rooms / Zones
- Compatible with CCF Codes
- Various plugins available
- Windows, Mac and Linux SW

IRTrans WLAN Module

IRTrans Ethernet Module

IRTrans USB Module

Last Update: 27.09.2022

IR Trans transforms your PC into a programmable remote control: It learns the codes of your remote control, stores them in a database and sends them controlled by your applications.
Furthermore you can control your PC with almost any remote control.

Use the links above to get an overview of the diverse usage scenarios!

The IRTrans system undergoes a constant further development and extension.
Worldwide there are already more than 15,000 devices in use.


IRTrans LAN DB - the first HTML Remote Control

The IRTrans LAN Devices with the HW version 3.5 can be completely controlled via http/HTML. There is no SW on the PC needed to administer the devices, program them or learn IR Codes. Even small HTML pages can be stored on the device!

That means the IRTrans is a HTML Remote control without any additional software / app.

Our Java Remote can be used to create a comfortable HTML Remote control:


The Java Remote package is available for download here: JavaRemote.zip

Note: This package is only supported on latest generation IRTrans LAN / LAN Controller devices..

The HTML webpage that is used to learn IR Codes:

Available functions of the IRTrans device with Web Interface:

- HTML Interface for configuration, learning of IR Codes, administration of the internal IR code database.
- 100% compatible with the older IRTrans devices
- IRTrans .rem files can up- or downloaded using a web browser
- Export and import of IRTrans Hex codes and imports of CCF hexcodes to send them using customer applications
- 4 MBytes flash memory (3.5 MBytes available for the user) for IR Codes and HTML pages
- The internal web server allows storing of IR remote HTML pages directly on the device
- The HTML interface allows to use the IRTrans as an universal remote for all mobile device with a web browser
- Firmware updates using the embedded web server

The following devices support the new HTML environment:

- IRTrans LAN IRDB V3.5
- IRTrans LAN PoE IRDB V3.5
- IRTrans LAN Controller V2
- IRTrans LAN Controller XL V2
- IRTrans LAN Multistream 16 V2


Infrared <–> IP Gateway: All Ethernet based IRTrans Modules can be used as an IR <–> IP Gateway. This allows to transfer IR Commands via all kinds of IP based networks. Of course that can be done without any additional systems or software.

IRTrans LAN Controller. The IRTrans with ethernet interface has got a builtin TCP/IP Stack and includes a webserver for configuration. The LAN interface allows an easy integration into existing ethernet networks.
The LAN Controller has got an integrated IR database with 128KB.
It also has 4 IR Outputs with 3,5mm plugs and 4 Relay Outputs
The connector for the IRTrans Serial bus allows to set up multizone systems.
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IRTrans Ethernet. The IRTrans with ethernet interface has got a builtin TCP/IP Stack and includes a webserver for configuration. The LAN interface allows an easy integration into existing ethernet networks. This module is also available with an integrated IR database. The IRTrans Ethernet is now also available with an iRed Mac License.
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IRTrans Mediacontroller. The Mediacontroller is an IR controller for every system with RS232 interface. It has got an integrated IR database with memory for around 1,000 IR Commands. When an IR command is received, programmable strings can be sent over the serial interface. Sending of IR codes is also possible using simple ASCII commands. The IR codes can be referenced using their names.
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• Small device (72 x 50mm)
• USB, RS232 or Ethernet interface
• Includes Infrared Transmitter and Receiver
• Powerful Transmitter: Range more than 15m
• Connector for external IR Transmitters
• 38.400 Baud 2 Wire Bus to connect up to 16 busses with 16 devices each over 50-100m for each bus
• LCD Module to display information in different rooms
• Powerful 16-64KB microcontroller send and receive IR independently of the CPU load of the PC
• Can receive and send almost any A/V IR code
• Special versions for 455kHz devices available (e.g. for B&O™)
• Sending of IRDA codes (e.g. for Pace STBs)
• Powersupply via the USB / RS232 interface of the PC (RS232 devices might need a small power supply)
PowerOn Option: Integrated small relay to switch on any ATX PC (optional)


• The software runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and LINUX
• On request there is a Mac version for the same price with the iRed Mac software available.
• USB driver for Windows and LINUX included
• GUI Client to learn and send IR codes
• ASCII Client for batch usage
• TCP/IP based Server allows to use the system in networks and over the internet
• Compatible with LIRC / WinLIRC Clients (e.g. VDR ...)
• Codes used in .ccf files for the Philips Pronto™ can be loaded into the irtrans IR database.
• The irserver includes an xAP Interface.
• Several clients can be connected to the server at the same time
• Application Software is OpenSource
• Active-X Plugin and .NET DLL included to write own programms
Plugins for various applications: e.g. Girder, Meedio, Sceneo, myHTPC, HIP, Homeseer, MisterHouse, V8tech MMC